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The Referral Link Way

Do as the Millionaires Do... (or Billionaires)

by Shayne Webber, Ph.D. on 10/27/10

Being the Best sales professional you can be takes discipline.  The problem is most of us get us to doing business a certain way and that certain way determines our income.  If you want to make $100,000 then work just like someone who makes $100,000.  If you want to make $1,000,000 then work just like someone who makes $1,000,000.  This sounds simple, but it really is the truth.  Watch the habits and spend time with someone who makes more money than you, and be a selfish listener...meaning take what you can use...make changes and measure results.  When you hit a new plateau you will need to continue to innovate, change and be willing to look good and hard at everything you do.  Do not be afraid of change as it is the only thing that can lead you to new heights.

Take care,

Shayne Webber, Ph.D.

Making an Impression: 5 tips

by Shayne Webber, Ph.D. on 10/15/10

1. matters

2.  Give a firm handshake

3.  Say their you can remember it...then say it again in the next minute...

4.  Ask questions...not too related...or where are you from?...something simple.

5.  Send them a thank you note for taking the time to visit with you.

How to Network

by Shayne Webber, Ph.D. on 09/23/10

I am goint to simplify networking and help you increase your success in 5 simple steps:

1.  Be polite

2.  Listen 80-90% of the conversation, ask questions to encourage your new contact to share about their business and interests.

3.  Ask for their card and send them a hand written thank you note for taking the time to visit with you.

4.  Follow up with a phone call after giving enough time for them to have received your thank you.  Ask them if you can meet to help you better understand what they do, so you will know who make good referrals for their services/products.

5.  Ask questions at meeting to really help you understand who their best customers and referral sources are and then pass them business.

Then wash, rinse and repeat and the sales will come.  Give first and the receiving will take care of itself.

Good luck networking and passing business,


Shayne Webber, Ph.D.

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Building a Referral Link group

by Shayne Webber, Ph.D. on 09/21/10

It takes time and effort to build a successful referral group.  However, the time and effort are well worth the price when you consider the benefits.  Having a powerful and meaningful Referral Link group will make your business life much easier.  Any business professional who has been in business very long, knows the value of a true referral and understands the building relationships for the long run is what creates long term success. 

Even after you have built a good Referral Link group you will need to constantly recruit new members to keep the referrals flowing- guests and new members are the life blood of any referral group. 

So whether it's with us, on your own, or with another outfit keep recruiting and teach your members how ti invite professionals they know and trust.

Take care,

Shayne Webber, Ph.D.

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Kooday: Scam or Real

by Shayne Webber, Ph.D. on 09/14/10

I have been buying and selling keywords on Kooday for several weeks.  My account is now worth 4 times my investment.  In fact, I have withdrawn enough money to cover my initial investment.  Therefore, I actually have zero risk now- meaning I still own several hundred dollars of keywords, but have received all of my investment back.

The owners of Kooday are doing something new and exciting.  I hope that the site really takes off, as I will continue to reinvest the value of my account over and over again.  

I am also investing more money as I now know they do honor requests for payouts.  I believe Kooday to be a legitmate effort to do create a powerful search engine.

If you want to find out more, goto (homepage) and click on the Kooday ad at the bottom of the page.

Take care and good luck with your words,