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Getting to the next Level in your business

by Shayne Webber, Ph.D. on 11/02/11

I started working out with a personal trainer recently.  She is kicking my butt in the gym.  She has me do exercises that are awkward and hit muscles I did not know I have.  I have learned that I can do more than I think I can and that pushing myself gets results.

Consequently, I have been challenging myself in my business pursuits.  I have been shooting for targets are previously thought were too hard to accomplish.  Guess what?  I am doing more than I thought I could. 

Here is what I suggest:

1.  Write down where you want to be in a month and make it a bold goal.

2.  Write down 20 things that you can do to help you get there.

3.  Do one of those things everyday for the next 20 days.

4.  In a month start over and do the entire process again.

I don't promise that you will be where you want to be in a month.  However, I do promise that things will start moving.  You will exercise your mind and talents in new ways and like the results.  You will progress and you will succeed. 

Good luck and tell us how this works for you by emailing us at

Take care,


Shayne Webber, Ph.D.

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Getting Organized

by Shayne Webber, Ph.D. on 08/18/11

The young man (or woman) who addresses himself in stern earnest to organizing his life- his habits, his associations, his reading, his study, his work- stands far more chance of rising to a position affording him opportunity to exercise his organizing abilites than the fellow who dawdles along without chart or compass, without plan or purpose, without selfimprovement and self-discipline. - B.C. Forbes.

Make a plan, work the plan, evaluate results and adjust the plan...keep doing this and you will get to where you want to go.

Take care and good planning,

Shayne Webber, Ph.D. 

What are friends for?

by Shayne Webber, Ph.D. on 07/07/11

Freddie Myers once said, "What are friends for, if not to use them?"

I do not propose that your purpose for friendship is what someone can offer you, but friends can certainly make our lives easier.  I bet most of us have gotten a job or additional business on the basis of a friends recommendation. 

What I do suggest, is that if you want friends to do things for you, do things for them.  This seems a simple idea, but frequently gets lost in a world of "what can you do for me" mentalities.  Building a powerful network will more quickly come to fruition with a "what can I do for you" mentality. 

I want more friends, as I want more friends to bless, as I want more friends to bless me when I am in need.  I am thinking about myself, but I don't feel bad about it since I am doing good deeds all along the way.  Plus, as I serve my friends, I feel better about who I am. 

Take time each day to think about your friends and families needs and meet some of them.  It takes time, but with practice will become habit and you will build a network of people who want to bless you and that is powerful.

Take care and God Bless,

Shayne Webber, Ph.D.   

Time management tips

by Shayne Webber, Ph.D. on 06/21/11

1.  Make a list of 5 items to complete for the day.  Too many items and you will not get them all done and consequently feel less accomplishment.

2.  Focus on the difficult tasks first.  The easy ones may make the list shorter, but many times at the expense of never getting to the more difficult tasks. 

3.  Schedule time slots for the everyday tasks (checking email, reading, meetings) and when time is up....move on .

4.  Leave some space in the schedule for the "fires."  We all have fires to put out, but we must leave room for the accomplishments.

5.  Work harder than everyone around you.  It may not seem to pay off quickly, but it will.

Take care and God Bless,

Shayne Webber, Ph.D.


Quality is the Only Job

by Shayne Webber, Ph.D. on 06/07/11

The quality of your product or service includes the way it is sold, delivered and maintained.  It also includes any other activities associated with the purchase as experinced by your customers.  In fact, it is more important to pay attention to how your customer defines quality than to listen to any experts in your industry.  Demanding customers are a test of the quality of your delivery.  Customers "communicate" by staying with you or leaving for someone who is doing it better

So here are some rules for creating quality:

1.  Listen to your customer. 

2.  Respond promptly to all needs, requests and desires.  Even if you can't do what they are asking. 

3.  You are completely responsible for all aspects of quality in your business and you will be fully compensated for the level of quality you achieve.

4.  If you want to make more money, you need to improve the quaility of your product, service and delivery.

5.  Expect to and desire to work hard for your profits.

Your ability to maintain customers and to earn their referrals is dependent upon the quality of your work and your willingness to have a "do whatever it takes" attitude.

America was built on quality improvement...and so will your business if it is to survive.

Take care,

Shayne Webber, Ph.D.

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