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What are friends for?

by Shayne Webber, Ph.D. on 07/07/11

Freddie Myers once said, "What are friends for, if not to use them?"

I do not propose that your purpose for friendship is what someone can offer you, but friends can certainly make our lives easier.  I bet most of us have gotten a job or additional business on the basis of a friends recommendation. 

What I do suggest, is that if you want friends to do things for you, do things for them.  This seems a simple idea, but frequently gets lost in a world of "what can you do for me" mentalities.  Building a powerful network will more quickly come to fruition with a "what can I do for you" mentality. 

I want more friends, as I want more friends to bless, as I want more friends to bless me when I am in need.  I am thinking about myself, but I don't feel bad about it since I am doing good deeds all along the way.  Plus, as I serve my friends, I feel better about who I am. 

Take time each day to think about your friends and families needs and meet some of them.  It takes time, but with practice will become habit and you will build a network of people who want to bless you and that is powerful.

Take care and God Bless,

Shayne Webber, Ph.D.


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