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Cold Calling...

by Shayne Webber, Ph.D. on 11/16/10

Whenever given the choice between cold calling on the phone and cold calling in person...I choose in person.  It is immensely easier to read people, to make a positive impression and to make a connection.  And for most people it is easier to blow someone off on the phone than in person.  Most people have been taught manners and being straight forward in person makes many prospect uncomfortable.  

So, what do you do when you stop by on a cold call?

I generally "drop something off."  This means that I need to have something in my hand- a flier, a card and invitation to a referral meeting.  I stop by briefly explain to the gatekeeper why I have stopped by, make my drop off and get the card of the decision maker.  Now, I have a name to work with and likely have an email.  I send a brief email explaining that I would like to meet for 15 minutes to see I can help them make more money through referrals and set the appointment.  

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